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Sara Taylor

Sara “discovered” yoga while searching for healing and inner balance. She began studying and practicing hatha & raja yoga in 2011 under her teachers Tracie Brace Hatton (Padma Shakti), Gracie Alcocer, and Elle Anders and is currently working on completing her 300 hour teacher certification. Through the help of her teachers and her own personal yoga practice, Sara has come to understand the true meaning of inner peace and living a better quality of life physically, mentally & spiritually. Teaching Yoga Foundation classes has allowed Sara to share with others her experience of yoga’s benefits and express her passion to restore, improve, and maintain total health by balancing the mind and body. Yoga Foundation: Teaches the principles of alignment, form, flexibility, strength & stability; developing mindfulness; & yogic breathing. Yoga is a skill which teaches healthy biomechanics of movement that will improve & maintain good health for years to come. The process of learning the poses stabilizes & brings flexibility to the spine & joints of the body. The method of breathing builds respiratory efficiency & creates balance in the nervous & endocrine systems.