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12 Lifestyle changes could delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases

August 2, 2020

Experts say in a report revealing that up to 40% of dementia cases worldwide could be delayed or prevented by addressing 12 such lifestyle factors. Factors such as Excessive drinking, exposure to air pollution and head injuries all increase dementia risk. Today there are estimated that around 50 million people around the world live with dementia. Nearly 10 million new cases of dementia each year and alzheimer disease, which is the most common form of dementia may contribute to 60-70% of dementia cases. Alzheimeres does have genetic markers that you can be identified early on so that people can change their lifestyle to help prevent or slow down that disease at an early age. We discuss some of those genetic markers in an early blog about concussions read here. here.
We created a list of 12 lifestle changes that you can do to either delay or prevent up to 40% of dementia cases.
1. excessive mid-life alcohol intake
2. mid-life head injuries
3. midlife hearing loss
4. exposure to air pollution in older age
5. leaving education before secondary school
6. smoking in later life
7. depression
8. Social isolation
9. later life diabetes
10. midlife high blood pressure
11. midlife obesity
12. lack of exercise in later life
In a live Facebook video Professor Danny Duckworth talks about these 12 lifestyle changes and how you can start implementing some of them today. You can watch the video clip here.
here. As discussed in parts of the video, exercise is a catalyst to changing or preventing many of those bad lifestyle habits that could potentially cost you your brain and future. Take care of your self and don't let the excuses get in your way!