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5 Ways to get on the bad side of a Black Belt

February 26, 2020

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts, what are they and who are they?   They are people just like you that have decided to spend a couple hours or more each week to learn a lifestyle that gets them and keeps them healthy for life.  They have sacrificed their body, time and sometimes fun in order to achieve that black belt status within the Brazilian jiu Jitsu art which takes on average 10 years.

This means they are some of the most proven and effective martial artist in the world. They walk with integrity, honor, loyalty and compassion and not only teach it to their students but expect it! So let’s talk about the 5 ways to stay on the good side of them!


#1           No show on appointments you scheduled with them and not being on time for class.  If you are just starting and coming in for a trial. That means you have an appointment with a professor, and we get prepared for you to come in. We have a job to do and that is to go over some fundamentals to get you started in your martial art journey.   So, if you no show us, then you have taken time away from our day and our students which slows down all our progress. So please be courteous and let us know ahead of time if you can’t make it to your appointment.

#2           Telling us how tough you are and how many street fights you have won. This tells us nothing about what we can do for you but rather why you are about to be really bad at the fundamentals in which we are about to teach you 😉. So leave that ego at the door and trust the process for It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

#3           Not paying your tuition! We can’t stress this enough for this is how we live and budget our life. So, if you don’t pay then neither can we pay for our financial duties as well.  So, let’s not start that domino effect and fix the source of the problem.  Always pay your tuition and try your best to be on time!

#4           Parents pulling their kids out because of poor behavior at home or bad grades in school.  This one KILLS US!!  This is exactly why parents put their kids in our program so we can help with there at home behavior and school grades.  The kids program here at Alliance BJJ Houston focuses on Word of the Month achievements that teaches them how to act at home and at school.  It’s also a proven fact that kids who do activities, specially ones that requires focus and coordination and stimulates the brain, do much better in school.  So don’t treat us like a bowl of ice-cream for we are really the vegetables doing a body good!

#5           Not following the Academy Rules!  Martial art schools should have a set of rules that needs to be followed.  Ours are posted on the wall next to our check in kiosk.  These rules must be followed for safety reasons whether it’s to prevent bacterial and viral outbreaks. They can also prevent injuries as well as help teach discipline and a positive attitude towards life.  So read up on the rules and if you have any questions please ask the instructor.