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A young mother’s struggle and the hope she found in Jiu-Jitsu.

December 4, 2019

So I'm 24, a college student, and a stay-at-home mom to 2 little boys ( 9 m.o. and 4 y.o.). My husband works all day so I'm pretty much stuck with my kids by myself every day and it has been like this since I was 20. Since most of our friends don't have kids they stopped coming around once we did. I felt like I've lost who I am as a person. I got so busy being a mom I pretty much dropped every hobby I had and fell into a depression. For awhile I was on depression and anxiety medication, felt like I'd lost my social skills because I was always home with my kids, and pretty much hated the direction my life took. I felt like I really had no point to my life and everyday was the same-get up and take care of screaming children. Then in the beginning of March I talked to Carrie and decided to do a trial class at Alliance BJJ. I was really hesitant to give anything much of a chance because I was so used to being a hermit and was about to go back on depression and anxiety meds because everything was getting bad again in my head. I enjoyed the trial class and we signed up to keep going to classes. For the first few weeks I was still hesitating being around people because I was so used to being alone but slowly BJJ became my therapy and instead of going on medication I go to class. Everyone is friendly and make me feel at home. I'm always eager to go learn. I started BJJ just wanting to learn a few things to defend myself and figured that I'd go maybe 3 times a week. I usually go 5+ times a week and I'm completely addicted. I'm getting in shape and have learned what having self-confidence is like.

Everyone at Alliance have really have helped me out and given me goals to work towards. It's amazing how in less than 3 months I went from a depressed mess to being incredibly happy and having a clearer head and I feel like I'm a better parent since I'm not as moody and do something other than sit at home all day.