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30 year old men – I want to talk to you

August 7, 2020

Hey old young men, let’s be honest we are coming up to the peak of manhood. By now we have careers, family, responsibilities and more than likely much more weight than we ever had before. Why? It's simple, we let life get in the way of us and we pride ourselves on ownership of toys rather than our health. Let's talk about the process that got you this position. It starts with before you had your family and you were working on you by way of education, resources and health. We do this because we know that we will attract a good mate to start building that family and many of us do. Now let's fast forward about 5-10 years from that point. This means you are in your 30's, not in that great of shape anymore but you do make money that either buys expensive toys or goes towards your family’s needs. We buy a house for our families which means we now must take care of this home. This doesn’t mean we become farmers this means we just keep up the maintenance and do all those Honey do list our beautiful wife creates for us. Does this sound familiar?

That’s because you are not alone and the problem with this is you forgot how to take care of you much like your wife forgets to take care of herself because the kids become both of your top priority. We need to remember that we are leaders in our home, our kids look up to us and they mimic our patterns. If you don’t eat healthy, don’t work out, aren’t all that clean or only member of that house does the cleaning. Then trying to rise your kids with a different mindset is going to be much tougher.

So, let me ask you this? Can you create and find at least 1 hour in a day at least every other day work on you? Sure, you can, if you can’t then your priorities are lacking the proper structure. All it takes it either waking up an hour earlier, using that hour during lunch or making it later in the day once everything is complete. The time is there I promise you, but you must see it yourself first.
Why is this important? The older you get the more important your health is and the cheaper it will be to stay healthy as you get older. Read our Dementia blog to understand more. You must sweat, work out your muscles, stimulate your brain, challenge your system so it can rebuild stronger. This will decrease your anxiety, your depression, increase your sex drive and show your family the proper healthy way to live. We must learn and being to be leaders in our home not just financially or by rules but also be discipline and being healthy.

Want to hear more, check out a great short video from one of our Professors Danny Duckworth on ways to fix these health issues as we get into our 30’s and more.
Watch the video here