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Takedowns – What are you looking for? How do you decide which BJJ takedown to use?

December 4, 2019

Any experienced martial artist can identify a takedown coming from a mile away. Takedowns are easily telegraphed and could leave you vulnerable to guillotines or knees/strikes to the head. Thus, in MMA, the element of surprise is crucial. Being able to catch your opponent off guard will help you execute your takedown and prevent your opponent from launching his/her own attack.

The following aspects are important to successfully take an opponent down:

  • The starting distance – Your starting distance should always be at furthest, an arm’s length away from your opponent. This allows you to be right in their face before you shoot.
  • Depth of the first step – You should only shoot when you are close, in attacking range.
  • Speed – You should show no hesitation when attempting a takedown. You must be tenacious to the finish, in all takedown attempts.
  • Hand placement – To control your opponent, you should always win the hand fight.
  • Hip placement — Proper hip placement will fix your wrestling stance, helping you land that takedown.