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Cost of an Unhealthy Living

March 10, 2020

If you are like me about 10 years ago then I’m guessing you have no idea just how much an unhealthy lifestyle can cost you. From the cost of goods like junk food, cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs to wages all the way to your healthcare. Multiple studies have been done and there are 4 major disadvantages that an unhealthy lifestyle ultimately will cost you!

  1. Earn less money
  2. Work less
  3. Live shorter lives
  4. Spend more money

A Bigger Problem
More than 60% of Americans are at an unhealthy weight, with 33.4% classified as obese. If we continue at this rate, by 2030 half of the population will be obese. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes and some types of cancer, among the leading causes of death, according to The Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

So let’s break down the categories on how bad decisions could be affecting your life and pocket book:


  • Obese people spend 32% more in medical cost
  • Among the 4 highest quality studies, the 2008 per-person direct medical cost of overweight was $266 and of obesity was $1723. The aggregate national cost of overweight and obesity combined was $113.9 billion
  • Direct medical cost of overweight and obesity combined is approximately 5.0% to 23% of U.S. health care spending.
  • Obese adults incur annual medical expenditures that are $395 (36 percent) higher than those of normal weight incur


  • On any given day in the United States, an estimated 36.6% or approximately 84.8 million adults consume fast food
  • On average, adults in the US consumed 11.3% of their total daily calories from fast food between 2007 and 2010
  • 44.9% of adults ages 20 to 39 said that they consumed fast food on a given day, compared with 37.7% of adults 40 to 59, and 24.1% of adults 60 and older
  • Among those who had eaten fast food, 43.7% did so during lunch, 42% during dinner, 22.7% during breakfast and 22.6% as snacks
  • We know for children, on days that they consume fast food, they eat about 120 more calories that day. They also consume more sugar and sodium and fat on the days they eat fast food
  • The typical American spends about $1,200 on fast food annually. That breaks down to $100 a month and roughly $12.50 spent per meal.


  • Healthy people make on average 28% more money over their lifetime
  • The average healthy 65-year-old with a high school degree has $230,000 in wealth compared to $120,000 for an unhealthy 65-year-old with a high school degree.
  • Unhealthy people lose $3,000 more annually in finances


  • 90% Healthy people have a job to 70% of unhealthy people don’t have a job
  • Obese people are less productive at work and have higher healthcare cost for the employer.
  • Smokers have to take smoke breaks and cost the employer higher healthcare cost
  • Night shift can increase the rate of a heart disease by 38% which is one reason why they pay you more money to work that shift.

Life Expectancy:

  • Healthy people live up to 23 years longer (Make 80K per year then you will make $1,840,000‬ in wealth over your lifetime)
  • Smoking cost you 10 years of your life (if you make 80K a year then smoking cost you $800K in your lifetime minimum)
  • Obese men have 3X more risk of premature death
  • Unhealthy diet accounts for 45% of all deaths from cardiometabolic diseases. This is the leading cost of death to all.


Obesity is a money problem

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