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1. Register for any/all competitions no less than two (2) weeks before competition date. For exceptions, see Professors.
2. For IBJJF, make sure your membership is current no less than one (1) month ahead of competition. If you are having any issues with your membership, please see Professors.
3. IBJJF membership should have the Academy listed as “Alliance USA“. When registering for a specific tournament, the team should be “Alliance USA “. Professor is listed as Romero Cavalcanti
4. For all other local tournaments (i.e. NAGA, Fuji, TGC, etc…) please use the team name “Alliance BJJ Houston”. If it’s not an option and you can’t write it in, please wait and see Coach Professors.
5. IBJJF only – make sure you have your IBJJF membership ID card or Driver License. You will not be able to compete without this!
6. All competitors are required to wear a team Gi. IBJJF may require you to have 2 different colors both blue and white.
7. All competitors are required to attend no less than three (3) classes per week, the entire month leading up to competition. For exceptions, see Coach Professors.
8. All competitors are required to be at each competition no less than two (2) hours before their scheduled start time. Some exceptions apply. See Coach Professors.