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How Alliance Returned To The Top And Won Best Team At 2019 IBJJF Worlds

Since losing their first World Title back in 2017 Alliance went quickly to work on establishing themselves as once again the best Jiu Jitsu team in the world. It took them two years to build the new foundation of the future of this team under the leadership of the Alliance Founders.

After a two-year hiatus, Alliance returned to the top of the podium at the 2019 IBJJF World Championship. This was the 12th team title for Alliance in the men’s division at Worlds. They came back in a big way with 120 points, 35 points ahead of second place Atos.

It is commonly held that while black belt results are of course important, the team trophy is won and lost in the colored belts. Alliance earned the following points in each belt division

  • 18 points blue belt
  • 44 points at purple belt
  • 29 points at brown belt
  • 29 points at black belt

Top scorers

Erich Munis: 18 points, first place at purple open class and heavy

Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro: 12 points, first place brown super-heavy and third in open

Anderson Munis: 12 points, first place purple super-heavy and second in open (close out with his brother Erich)

Rui Alves: 12 points, first place blue open and second at medium-heavy

Four athletes tied with 9 points (Black belt Lucas Lepri, Nicholas Meregali; Brown belt Gabriel Oliveira; Purple belt Fabricio Andrey)

Dream Art Makes The Difference 

The Isaque Bahiense run and Sao Paulo based Dream Art Project was the top scorer as an academy for Alliance, bringing in 45 points. This amounted to 37.5% of Alliance total team score.

WATCH: Dream Art: The Alliance Project Turning Colored Belts Into Champions 3-Part Series

Scores by Team

In case you were wondering how the top teams scored by belt category, here is a listing of the top scorers separated by rank:

Black belt team scores 

1- Tie at 29 points between Checkmat and Alliance

3- Atos 13 points

Brown belt team scores

1- Alliance 29 points

2- Atos 28 points

3- Cicero Costha 22 points

Purple belt team scores

1- Alliance 44 points

2- Checkmat 22 points

3- Atos 14 points

Blue belt team scores

1- Tie at 19 points GFTeam and Atos

3- Alliance 18 points