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Legally Blind Alliance Team Member From Canada Wins Gold

Michelle Jorgensen, a 24 year old Alliance competitor from Kelowna British Columbia brought home the gold metal from the first-ever Super Cup Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Kamloops on April 7th. While that is a feat in and of itself Michelle is also legally blind. Humbly she credits much of her success to her Alliance School, coaches and teammates.

Jorgensen started Alliance Jiu-Jitsu after attending a women's only self defense seminar last year. Afterword, she caught the Jiu Jitsu bug and started training regularly in BJJ and Muay Thai. "At the self defense seminar Michelle was the first to arrive and it only took me 30 seconds to realize she had a vision issue," said Sean McHugh her coach.

He adds that Jorgensen deserves to be recognized for the hard work she puts in, as she is a full-time student, volunteers for charity organizations, and still attends more practices every week than anyone else.

According to Alliance Jiu-Jitsu, Jorgensen is planning on competing next in Richmond this June