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Looking to get fit and tone up?

Fit Camps in Houston, Pearland and Southbelt

5am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 7pm Classes

For many of our guests, health and fitness are already priorities in life. And those individuals (like yourself) just need that extra support, challenge, or guidance from the experts to reach the next level of optimal health. Whether you are an athlete in training or simply in need of a health retreat, PFC Fitness Camp’s award-winning program offers the full spectrum of wellness from the nation’s top experts in behavioral health, nutrition and fitness, all

Bianca Testimonial

So it is with the utmost conviction I say that attending AHTXBJJ was an amazing & enlightening experience! I can not put into words how truly thankful I am that I was lucky enough to be able to go. I found myself again; got my confidence back; learned how, for my body type, I needed to eat & exercise; and most importantly, I learned how to adopt a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, instead of trying to change myself for it. I am healthier mentally & physically & the happiest I have ever been!


Physical workouts and challenges catered to your fitness level.


Multiple Diet books available to follow


You need to spend at minimum 150 minutes a week on Fitness

Heart Health

Aerobic Exercise, Resistance Training (Strength Work), Stretching, Flexibility and Balance


Getting Active Helps You To Achieve Your Goals

Getting started in exercise won’t just improve your body and health, it can also help you to achieve other life goals. A study of people training for a marathon in New York found that regular exercise improves people’s goal-setting, organization and discipline - both at work and in other areas of life.

It’s great for beginners

Group classes help you fit in right away. If you find yourself staring at an elliptical machine wondering how long you should be on it or how hard to push yourself, jump right off and sign up for a class. The group class instructors will take you through each move, hold you accountable and push you harder than you might think you’re capable of going.

It provides a workout regimen

We know how hard it is to sign up for a class and show up to it. But once you find a few classes you really love, put them in your calendar and designate that one hour each day or every other day to do it

You’ll learn about yourself.

While you will go through a bunch of movements, remember that instructors are teachers too. So, yes, while you’re there to work up a sweat, it’s also an opportunity to learn new moves and execute them properly. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t execute a crow pose or properly swing an uppercut right away. That’s why you’re in class!

What are your fitness goals?

Maybe you're looking to tone up and increase muscle mass, or maybe your goal is to increase your endurance. Before choosing a class, figure out what your fitness goals are to help guide you in your decision

Is the class appropriate for your fitness level?

Yes! You move at your own pace but make sure to push your limits when you can!

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes





Work with a Professional

Make Friends

Push yourself

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