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Seasonal Sports or Jiu Jitsu, is the question parents are asking now.

Basketball, football and baseball are some of the biggest seasonal sports in America. Many parents calendar are scheduled to work with these sports for their kids leaving their lives very hectic at times. The likelihood of your kid getting a scholarship for one of these sports are very small. This is why Jiu Jitsu is starting to take over as the recommended sports and parents are loving it!

Most organized sports are only a few months of the year. There are a lot of kids that play multiple sports just to stay busy year round. So this spreads them so thin between all of their activities that the first thing that suffers is school work.

This often causes these kids to have lower grades and some even fail out of school because their focus was on sports and not studies. This, in turn, means bye bye to “normal” sports. What professional organization is going to pick up a man/woman that couldn’t even get through school? That’s right, none!

Jiu Jitsu is not a seasonal sport, we practice year round with no worries of weather or when the next season starts. If their school work starts to suffer, take the time to fix it, Jiu jitsu will still be there and without the worry of missing the “cut”. I know what most parents are thinking, “we don’t have time to add something else”. Well that’s the problem, Jiu jitsu is something your child can use their entire lives! So it shouldn’t be treated as an “add”, your child needs self defense for many things, mostly, self confidence.

Of all traditional sports, there are millions of kids that start playing, less than 5% of them will play in college, and less than 8% of that 5% in college, will go pro. So out of 1000 kids, only 50 of them will play in college. Out of those 50, only 4 will go pro! Gotta love those numbers.

This is where people will say, “well how many people actually get their black belts?” I would never say that everyone will make it to black belt. I can say that it is 100% possible, for everyone who starts jiu jitsu, to make it to black belt! That it is 100% possible to take something from jiu jitsu and still be able to use it when you are 90 years old!

Can anyone say that it is 100% possible for every kid to go pro in other traditional sports?? No, and its because it isn’t completely under your control, but jiu jitsu is! You control your level of success, not your coach or any other players on the team, it is in your hands.

Don’t be afraid of what isn’t, what others would call, “normal”. Just because jiu jitsu hasn’t been around for hundreds of years doesn’t mean there is no future in it. How long did it take for American baseball to take hold?

Jiu jitsu isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! We can guarantee that your kid will use these skills later in life. I am not shooting down any other sports, they are a part of the world and they will remain that way, don’t shoot down jiu jitsu because it isn’t as big yet!

So for all of you that have had this conversation with a parent, send them this article. We are proud of our art, it’s up to us to do our part to ensure that others get to experience it as well!