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chestin bourque

My name is Chestin and my degree is in Child Development and I have been in Childcare Management for over 10 years and a Teacher before that. My son has been in the BJJ after school program since day 1. This is the first program that my son has been in where I am not the Director. I cannot be more happy as a Father and as a Childcare Professional with this program. The after school program is amazing, my son is learning so much and I don't worry at all, because I know that he is being taken care of in every aspect of his development. Carrie and Danny are truly amazing and really put their heart into this program and it completely shows. It doesn't stop there....every Instructor is fantastic from Mr Everson, Carlos and Raul and other visiting Instructors. They work well with the children and really get on their level and teach them using developmentally appropriate practices and language. Rest assured this is the program you want your Child in. If you are thinking about a program and you are not sure about this one, have Carrie contact me for you. I can answer any questions you may have from a Parent aspect or a Director's point of view